Trenton History

Trenton was first settled in the early 1760s, when it was called Thornbury, or Thorndike Plantation. For many years ship building, fishing and shipping were the livelihoods of the population.

Incorporated in 1789, Trenton was named in honor of the battle George Washington and his troops fought in Trenton, New Jersey.

Throughout the 1800s Trenton prospered with the growth of the lumbering, mining and farming industries. A ferry ran between Trenton and Mt. Desert Island. Schooners were a common sight off the coast and the waterfront was a lively center of activity. The Grange Hall, built in the 1950s, was a popular place to meet with neighbors, and visitors were always welcome.

The 1900s brought rapid growth as Trenton became established as the gateway to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Lobster pounds flourished as many stopped for their first taste of Maine’s famous delicacy.

Trenton continues to offer visitors Downeast hospitality and an old-fashioned, friendly welcome.